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Super Review Algebra & Trigonometry

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Super Review Algebra & Trigonometry

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All Sales are FINAL! CONTENTS CH 1. Sets and Operations CH 2. Number Systems and Fundamental Algebraic Laws and Operations CH 3. Exponents and Radicals CH 4. Polynomials and Rational Expressions CH 5. Equations CH 6. Linear Equations and Systems of Linear Equations CH 7. Inequalities CH 8. Relations and Functions CH 9. Quadratic Equations CH 10. Equations of Higher Order CH 11. Ratio, Proportion and Variation CH 12. Logarithms CH 13. Sequences and Series CH 14. Permutations, Combinations, and Probability CH 15. Vectors and Matrices, Determinants, and Systems of Equations CH 16. Mathematical Induction and the Binomial Theorem CH 17. Partial Fractions CH 18. Complex Numbers CH 19. Trigonometry and Trigonometric Functions CH 20. Solving Triangles CH 21. Inverse Trigonometric Functions and Trigonometric Equations CH 22. Introduction to Analytic Geometry

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